The Centerpiece, et cetera concerning the day before Thanksgiving

by Tony

Took two days of research. He arrived at the conclusion that a Thanksgiving centerpiece was artfully presented dead plant material. At the end of the second day, when his research had come to fruition, I said to Kat, “I guess we forgot to tell him about Pinterest.” Just another chapter in The Book of Life.

Beautiful, isn’t it? All the books are about food.


In other news, Daughter C & The J-man treated us to a terrific pre-Thanksgiving dinner. Salmon, Brussel sprouts, rice with GF soy, mixed veggies. They even brought forks!

The apps are done except for cutting up the veggies for the dips. Note: never make anything fried that says, “drop by teaspoonfuls…”. In the context of frying, teaspoons are very small.

“Um, Marica. That’s why they are called ‘Lilliput meatballs’.”

“Okay, Missy. I get that. But the recipe said, ‘makes about sixty’ and I counted 80, and that’s not counting the one that you found on the floor.”

“Oh Marica.”


“Don’t you ‘Oh Marica’ me, young lady. I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but you’ve not been exactly helpful these last few days. I mean seriously, couldn’t you have gotten that mouse by now?”


“And don’t you think you’re beyond criticism, Rocky!”


“These old appetizer recipes are driving me to drink… .”

“R.U.F.F. ruffruffruff.”

“Rocky. I’m warning you.”


“My hands are covered with cheese ball gooey stuff and how am I supposed to make this a ball…”


“Yes, Missy.”

“Everything is prepared, isn’t it?”

“Well, all of the cooking is done but I still need to slice…”

“Marica! Think this through. IF you still have a lot to do, you would not be on the internet pretending that I– a dog– can talk. But here you are. Pretending that I can talk. And that Rocky– with his limited vocabulary of literally one word– is communicating by way of three letters and some capitalization and punctuation. Get some rest, Marica.”

Happy Thanksgiving!


The Spirit!

Dear Reader–

I know you’ve been following along. I know you know that I’m trying to revitalize the blog, beginning with Big Food.

I put myself in charge of apps this Thanksgiving.

Here’s what I’ve planned:

— Salmon Ball

— Hot Chipped Beef Dip Kat was correct. I have too much chipped beef. I’ll make supmpin esle

— Tangy Chipped Beef Ball. Kat made the “ball” thing happen.

— Deviled eggs. Duh.

— Deviled Ham puffs

— Corupopias

— Tangy ham spread

— Trio Cheese Ball

Meanwhile, I made gluten free cream of mushroom soup. GF CRoM soup is like, you know, CRoM soup except it’s GF so you have to thicken it with GF stuff to make it into the consistency of a can of Campbell’s CRoM S.

Rice flour is sweet. Nice.

Potato Flour runs circles around rice flour.

And so I’ve just been in the kitchen for two days

Doing dishes, too.

And running the dishwasher.

If I may, Vegan is way easier than GF.

Wild pig sausge


Don’t forget that I put 3 packages of wild pig sausage in the freezer in the Bunkhouse. Try it as burgers or lasagna or anything else you’d use ground beef for. Be sure to cook well. It is seasoned already. See you all Saturday.
Life sucks, don’t ya know.
That’s from Chris. This coming Saturday we’ll be taking our left over pie to Chris & Alix’s home for Pie Brunch.

It did rain

and the power did go out.

Transformer blew.

Daughter C and Kat & Tony saw it.


So– back story is that Kat & Ton arrived in ATL back from the Far East and today rented a car to drive from ATL to Starkvegas.

Caroline picked them up at Enterprise.


As noted, power went out at just about sundown. Pork something in oven.

Text from Kat: Is power out?

Yes. But we are on it.

Jordan– bring generator to patio while it’s still semi-light?


Welcome Kat & Tony!

Here’s the schematic of power cords to fuel E to vital organs.

I just love that my sons-in law know how to read my schematics. Show them where the piles of 25′, 50′ 75′ extension cords are and…  before you know it Mr. Big Food’s pork roast is roasting in the electric roaster in the Bunkhouse, there’s some 60 watt ambient light in the living room, and the freezers are freezing away.

I devised– which is to say , hooked up– a shop light which shone on the dining room table and we were prepared to eat pork roast and eggplant fritters at the dining room table when

LOW & BEHOLD the lights came back on!

So we ate pork roast and eggplant fritters in front of the television.

Welcome to the Farm!




I learned that the wife of one of the guys I followed way back in the way back died.

The American Grouch’s Wife passed.

Death is not everywhere. But it’s lurking around the corner.

My prediction:

We’re gonna get some wind and rain.

Long time readers of this blog– Hey Suek!–  know I make fun of the weather prediction folk.

They have outdone themselves with Irma.


I’m not really back

Long, longtime internet friend, SueK asked how we were. Here’s my response:

Yeah. We’re having the rain remnants but nothing more. The coast was harder hit but not in any devastating way, except of course for the Louisiana coast that got pummeled when everyone’s attention was on Houston.

I’m sure you’ve been following along. Lots to comment on, don’t you think? I especially like the furniture store guy.

Yesterday Mississippians remembered Katrina’s landfall in Bay St. Louis.

My reading of the Harvey-crit is that real people actually learned some things from Katrina. As did the state & local folks.

Hahahahaha. Federalism.



The Other Day

Daughter C and I were chatting about WestWorld as we headed to town to talk with Tammy about helping with the wedding decorations.

We both agreed that the Bad Guy Character is awesome. And I said– and C agreed– that I had some sympathy with Bernard.

Tonight we learned that Bernard is not human.

This is distressing.

And on that note, I’m closing things down here.

Life on the Farm goes on! And it’s getting exciting. I talked to Gwen today about mums for the wedding festivities. I pulled up cucumbers. I have recently frozen gallons of tomatoes and I hope we will soon be pickling watermelon rind after we do some watermelon sorbet.

But I’m no longer interested in The Blog.

I had high hopes.

My only worry now is that it’s achieved ’cause there was some fun stuff on The Blog.


“Yes, Missy?”


There’s a moat around the Farm

figuratively speaking.

We’ve just returned from a truck ride to Bardstown, Kentucky, Canaan Valley, West Virginia, Morgantown, WVa., Rileyville & Luray, Va. The Low Water Bridge over the south fork of the Shenandoah is gone. Greensboro, NC to see little ‘Phen and Miss M. And Mama Mama,

Picked up some things for the reception from Mama.

And now we’re back on the Farm. After having navigated Atlanta.

Back on the Farm.

With Missy & Rocky and Daughter C and the J man.

There is a figurative moat around the Farm.

Dinner was delicious.