Pleasant Photo


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Kidz grow up


Today Daughter C and I hooked up the trailer and took the generator, which has a stopped float, and the 4-wheeler, which has a messed up carburetor, to our local small engine repair shop. Daughter C played with the goats at the shop.

The little kids are cute as the dickens. This one had been bottle fed. He’s a pet goat.

The big guy is a


serious goat.

He was once a pet. But then he found his autonomous goatness.

I can see the allure of goats, but I think I will stick to dogs.

“Stick to? Stick to? As if the decision to love us– love me!– is a default position? Marica! I thought better of you.”

“Oh for crying out loud, Missy.”

“Ruff. ruff. ruff!”

“Oh, man, you’re right, Rocky! Gil would be envious of that goat’s coat.”

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The Tea Caddy needs to be refilled.


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Pleasing Pictures

So I am in a funk with regard to the A&S tailgate and The United States of America.

I won’t even have a Columbus Day post on actual Columbus Day.


So I’ve just decide to post pleasing pictures for The Rest of My Life.


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Today was an interesting day


According to my phone, my phone and I interacted such that I want you to believe that I took this photo at 8:49am this morning.

We were so on target. Let’s leave at 8:30 and so we did. For mere mortals, this would be a monumental undertaking. We managed to pack a second breakfast and extra water, and have the trailer hitched up by 8:30.

And then.

The vibrations were the coolest. As the socket jumped off the ball, the trailer ran into the back of the truck.

The fellow in the bluish shirt commented that if I had been doing faster, the trailer might have gone down into the ditch.

Fundamental physics.

I think about causation from time to time.

It’s complicated for a Country Mouse.

Anyway– as you can see, we unhitched the trailer, I drove down to Stewart Auto Service, I briefly explained the prob… and before I could finish they were on it and we were back on the Road Again at 8:58.

City Mice can’t do that.


We also went tailgate grocery shopping.

keyword: frugal

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I’m not ready to go causation.

I’m not even ready to claim correlation.

But I’ll be damned if there isn’t a relationship between the length of the moderators’ eyelashes and the level of hockeypoo.


Good Lord.

Surely, there is a re-run of even the most awful Big Bang on, isn’t there?


Pence just said that.


So you go. You err on our side.

Thanks so much.

Peace & Love.


I am not a Pence fan, but bless his heart, he is trying.

I am not a Pence fan. And Kaine is an idiot.


We have planted grapes and blueberries. And we will be doing our part to control the deer population.

We here on the Farm will err on our side.

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Baby Bunny Update, et cetera

Baby Bunny went to his first Mommy & Me Story Time at his local library. I hear he had a great time!

I expect he’ll be rolling over and quoting Hesiod any day now.

Meanwhile… .

We Country Mice hit the Friends of the Library Book Fair in S’vegas.

Here’s what I’ve cataloged so far:


That Health via Food is a real hoot!

That Skyscrapers book was written by the guy who built Crew Tower in the ‘Nati. And some other things.

I am not a fan of FDR. But, it’s important to preserve that which should be preserved, as contrasted with that which is undeserving of a space on the shelf. Who am I to decide which is which?

To my credit, and to the best of my knowledge, there is not a John Grisham book on the Farm.

Pulp Fiction.


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