Peep peep peep full stop

What the hell is going on?

The peepers are peeping like crazzy. And then they stop. And then I hear a few distant peepers– likely in cotton field ditches– and then like a roaring wave I hear the peepers peeping. And then they stop. Full Stop.

What the hell?

Clearly, the peepers are more sensitive than I.

What are  they sensing?

My forecast

The prevailing winds are from the southeast.

Today, Daughter C and I spent some time cleaning up trash from the drainage ditches in the cotton field along County Home Road.

I’d put the SE winds at 8-20 mph.

I’ve looked at a few satellite images. There is going to be a confrontation. NW moving SE vs SE moving NW.

To that end– and because the ground is supersaturated– we moved both generators into position.

I will update.


My Favorite Time of the Year

I think the transition from Winter to Spring is my favorite time of year here in Mississippi.

Winters aren’t all that hard here, except when they are. And then they are really hard b/c  we’re just not all that accustomed to dealing with them.

But today– February 15– it was 85 degrees and the peepers are peeking.

I’ve closed the windows now, but for an hour or so, I had the windows open and the ceiling fans running.

I’ve cleared the air

And Missy got to tuck her nose under an open window.



Mr. Big Food alerted my to the fact that a former Vice President is scheduled to speak at a meeting of the Triple A S in Austin. American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Mr. Big Food is a liaison to AAAS.

I sure hope Mr. Big Food’s flight itinerary doesn’t conflict with Joe’s.

‘Cause if it does, that would complicate my life.



May I have your ATTENTION please!

It is the evening of February 9 and the Peepers are peeping.

(Most of their spawn will die in the coming hours/day/weeks, but that’s hardly the point. The Peepers really truly give life the old college try, bless their pea pickin’ hearts.)

That is all.

4-Wheel Drive

I’m giving away the story but I’ll tell it anyway.

It’s been raining overnight for several nights to the point where I’ll wake up at 4am and wander into the kitchen and ask, “Is it raining?” And Mr. Big Food will reply, “Yes, all night.”


So this morning I let the dogs out. Released Tiger from the workshop. Fed Tiger. Heard the other dogs barking. Saw Daughter C with her rain boots on escorting the dogs on a walk, and returned to the Den. It’s all good. Daughter C has control of the dogs.

Some 15-30 minutes later, I wondered what had become of Daughter C & the dogs. I saw them making the perimeter of the north pasture. All is well.

Some minutes later, Gilbert and Bebe enter the house in glorious wet fashion, Daughter C huffs and puffs and grabs the truck keys. Rocky & Missy have run away.

This is a habit of theirs/ours.

They’ve been couped up, They go on a nice walk. They decide to do a prison break. THE TRUCK is what corrals them back in. They love the truck.

So Daughter C grabs the truck keys and I go back to doing whatever I was doing.

Now some more minutes later I wonder what’s become of Daughter C, the truck, and Missy & Rocky.

I go outside. It’s cold and windy but I navigate to to a vantage point and I see Daughter C with Rocky in tow, Missy running in front, and the truck– sideways in the front pasture.

The truck is stuck in the mud. CALL SOMEBODY.

I walked all the way down there to investigate and in fact, Daughter C was correct. The truck was stuck in the mud.


with one little turn of the knob, the truck went from 2W to HI4WH and then I put her in reverse and bingo bamo! Up the driveway the truck and I came.

We met Daughter C a few yards away and opened the door for her.

Turns out, she was unaware how the HI4WH, LOW4WH, and push this turn off traction control if you are in really really deep trouble, buttons work.

All of this put Mr. Big Food and I in a nostalgic mood. We’ve only ever have to have switched over to LOW4WH twice. Once was at Okracoke when we didn’t mind the tides and the other time was in Indiana. Go figure.


To think in unrelated fragments is scarcely to think at all. If a thought is to be of real value, it must be direct, precise, and complete.

A Writer’s Manual and Workbook Enlarged Edition. Paul P. Kies. F.S. Crofts & Co., New York. 1944.

Today was a hard day

OMG, Missy. Please go lay down.

Today, I investigated statistical and grammatical issues. And stuffed game hens with a sweet potato stuffing.

Statistically, you cannot do 1 – 0.95 to the 190th power tests and not expect to find something significant. You people are idiots.

Grammatically. Here’s a question. What part of speech is “home” in the imperative sentence, “Go home”? Well duhluh. An object? I made the mistake of asking a question on stackexchange which I am figuring out is a forum for people who think they know what they are talking about. And like any normal person, I want to …


On the other hand, I found a forum of people who know Robert’s Rules of Order. This is important to me.

It’s Raining!

Isn’t that interesting? For some unknown reason, a search of my Evernote files popped up on top of my wunderground screen shot.

The world is possessed.

I tried three times to get rid of it. And then I just relaxed, related, and released.

It’s raining.

To clarify

It was not a fuse. I misspoke.

I thought it was a breaker–  a worn breaker.

But it was not a worn breaker. We replaced the breaker and the same thing happened. It wouldn’t flip on.

It turned out to be a faulty multi-outlet thing that shorted out. We eliminated the faulty multi-outlet thing.

And now, we have Electricity in the Den.


So here’s something funny

I worry about– and I have plans about– what happens when the Electricity goes out.

But this is a novel worry.

We’ve worn out a fuse that supplies power to the Den. The Den being the Master Bedroom which is my desk and the lunch table and the Television that we watch at the end of the day. And the Electric Heat which supplements the LPgas heat that heats the joint.

It’s like we’re living in this weird cave. Just beyond the door… there is light!

It not a big a deal. I positioned a couple of flash lanterns, charged things up.

It’s sort of quaint.

But odd.

Plus we have a houseful of dogs.

It will be a 4-dog night. Thank God it’s gonna be cold.

2 Mississippi Museums

Today daughter C, Mr. Big Food and I traveled to Capitol City. The traffic wasn’t bad.

We had lunch at a Mediterranean joint just off State St., near Baptist Hospital and then deposited Mr. Big Food at the Medical Center where he was bound to do some confocal microspocity-ing.

Daughter C & I went to some museums.

Here is my review, informed of course, by Daughter C.

The Civil Rights Museum is far and away better than the Mississippi History one.

The Civil Rights Museum has a story to tell, and it tells it well. The Mississippi History Museum doesn’t have a story. There are some interesting artifacts, but it’s not cohesive.

Sitting at the CUPS at Fonderant, we realized that the History Museum just followed along the classic history of Mississippi two volume set

It’s one thing to read, it’s another to museum.

Yes. To museum is a verb.

The Civil Rights Museum is worth the ticket. I have a few quibbles along the lines that Nelson Mandela was not an African America. I think the nomenclature should be responsive to the period.

But my quibbles pale in comparison to the real world.

I’m not one for museums generally. But this is one worth engaging.


ADDED: There was also a quit exhibit.

I like the internet

on the other hand, I wish the internet had never been invented,

it took me 40 mins. To get in the internet and 40 mins. Later I’ve forgotten what i wanted to say.

Except we we have clean air back here in the den.

On. Y iPad where the hell is the post button?

The Farther Along Farm Journal

Inspired by Kat & Tony’s NewsLetter we present the Farther Along Farm Journal.

First up, a hawk.

The beavers are on the move again doing some repairs and additions to their lodge. The J-man set up the trail cam in the vicinity of their new work locale. The camera captured several images of beavers working. And it got about 1m 30s of this hawk.

The trail cam operates on eight AA batteries. And it’s designed to operated for a long time. It sacrifices resolution for timing & battery life. I *think* the hawk landed to consume some prey. But zooming in loses resolution. And that’s sort of beside the point, isn’t it? You set up a trail cam to see what’s happening, to know something about what’s going on that you didn’t know before. For all that, you sacrifice resolution.

Next up, visit to the Farm by a guy from Saint Charles, La. He liked that fried catfish for brunch. Smart guy.

Earlier in the week, John’s endocrinologist went on a rampage against Big Miss Gov. That was interesting.

Currently, it’s stuffy back here in the den.

It’s a constant struggle to manage temp / humidity back here in the den where the dogs & Mr. Big Food and I sleep. It’s been so cold, for so long– and I’ve had the warm mist humidifiers going– but now it’s not cold and it’s not dry either– so it’s just stuffy back here. So I turned one of the ceiling fans on in an attempt to facilitate air exchange.

That would be exchanging air with the front of the house, where the fire is burning and the blower is blowing hot air from the raging fire.



And so this is Jan-u-ary dadada DA da da

Mr. Big Food woke before I this morning. I awoke to Da Da DA DA THIS IS THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE.

We have a NOAA weather radio that operates on four distinct sources of energy.


There was thunder & lightening.

Very very frightening. Not.

It’s been a mildly tough January. The regulator on the LP gas thingy froze up. We’ve had to drip faucets, and still the spigots in the Bunkhouse froze.

We did manage to get a cord of wood and enjoy some blazing fires. And then I worried that the wood mantle was too hot and would spontaneously combust.

Still. We had a delicious antipasto tonight.

Winter Status Update


— 80% of 1100 pounds of LP (liquid propane) to fire whole-house furnaces, gas water heaters, wall unit in Bunkhouse. [You’re only allowed to fill any given sized tank up to 80% : tanks are full]

— Cord of seasoned red oak, split, stacked & ready to burn [Chimney sweep was here year before last, and we did not burn any wood last, so chimney is good to go]

— 30 gallons of NON-ethanol gasoline for generators; the big generator– 5500 watts– can operate on 5 gals for quite some time if we are judicious about what we’re running. The little generator– 3000 watts– could run a long time if it only needed to power the small A/C / heater in the apartment bedroom

— Subsidiary power sources for non-essentials are charged. Like I have this awesome Ankar battery that can charge my phone, iPad, camera, etc. in nothing flat.

— Actual battery inventory isn’t perfect, but– compared to what most of you have– it’s awesome.

— Listening to the VoyagerPro weather radio just now and it’s alerting me just fine.

2-3″ of snow are expected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In all seriousness, the biggest problem we have is that so much of infra-structure is outside.

It was 50+ degrees this afternoon. So we took the opportunity to purge the workshop of tarps, etc. We actually have a drain pipe that goes from the big tub in the Master to the outside of the house. On the outside of the house. On the west side. With at this time of year gets bout 20 minutes of sunshine. I took a few minutes to collect the top of a Weber grill that was abandoned in the shop, lined it with R19 & duct taped that contraption to the side of the hose with the exposed drain pipe. I then threw some old bathroom rugs on it, and covered it up with a tarp.

Humm… I turned on the NOAA weather radio.

As I am able I will check back.

And, yes, SueK. I am typing.

OMG. I forgot to mention that I had to invade the EMERGENCY bucket to get a roll of duct tape. Seems we’re out at the normal operating level.

That needs to be corrected.

I don ‘t like the way the world is going

I spent our snowed in days writing a bunch of Miss Missy’s School story on my iPad. And now I cannot find it.

I thought it would be easy to just email it to myself and continue writing in my laptop.

But it’s disappeared.

I know it’s somewhere. But I can’t find it.

I hate Apple.