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Food we grow, cook and eat at Farther Along Farm

It Were Fancy Tuesday

Notice how I managed in one swoop to obliterate both agreement and tense. These are some leaks. These are the leaks in cream sauce topped with a breadcrumb-butter mixture about to go in the oven. There was some discussion about how many breadcrumbs this dish needed. I lost. It happens. This is Poulet Marengo. Mr.

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Mr. Big Food asked me

to take more food photos. And so I present to you the remains of the Ever Popular BIG FOOD FAVORITE Boiled Dinner. Modeled after Mr. Ed’s Boiled Dinner. [That’s the homemade Creamy Mustard Dressing up there in the NorthEast] This is leftover lunch. Food has been good lately. We’re hoping for cooler weather. (Visited 17

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Too good

The other day I commented to Mr. Big Food that we spend an lot of time thinking and talking about Food. We decided that was a good thing– a mark of a healthy family. Tonight’s dinner by Daughter C & The J-Man was testament. They worked all day. Frozen bones were simmered to broth. On

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