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Original photographs by Marica

It Were Fancy Tuesday

Notice how I managed in one swoop to obliterate both agreement and tense. These are some leaks. These are the leaks in cream sauce topped with a breadcrumb-butter mixture about to go in the oven. There was some discussion about how many breadcrumbs this dish needed. I lost. It happens. This is Poulet Marengo. Mr.

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The best meals are shared–

this is a pot roast in the making– among just the few of us. We can make it on our own, just the few of us… . 🙂 (Visited 8 times, 1 visits today)

Full Metal Menu

In addition to the watermelon sorbet, we had a German potato salad and beer brats for supper. Culture is built from the ground up. If the foundation of your culture rests on sand, well, I predict things are not going to go all that well for you & your culture. If, however, your culture is

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