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Our Big Life on Farther Along Farm in rural Mississippi

The other day,

which is to say the day before yesterday, I washed pillows. Not that I didn’t have anything better to do, but it just seemed like the thing to do. I will welcome the New Year with clean pillows. There’s a strategy to washing pillows. Run some HOT water & a little deterg & approx. 1/2-1

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noun a layer of water in an ocean or certain lakes, where the temperature gradient is greater than that of the warmer layer above and the colder layer below. As definitions go, that one sucks. A thermocline (also known as the thermal layer or the metalimnion in lakes) is a thin but distinct layer in a large

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Yesterday my incapasitated self felt like I needed to take the dogs on a walk. It went fine until the dogs saw the mail man car. Stop! Unhun, Stop, I lost control. “Jordan,” I screamed, And the J-Man was on it. He wrangled them all in. It was a sight to behold.

A Country Mouse Story

So we’ve known that we had a mouse. And I was excited that the mouse poop was blue. That meant that the mouse was eating the blue mouse poison. I’d seen the mouse in Real Time– running behind things. The other day Mr. Big Food saw it too! Look! The mouse. It just so happened

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You put your left foot up, you put your left foot down

So I am incapacitated. Seated, my left leg goes up and down and all around. Standing, not so much. There has been some talk–among my family members– of going to see a doctor. Heh. I’ll give it a week. (Visited 7 times, 1 visits today)

Turkey is not a big deal.

It just takes some common sense. First, you stuff the turkey with oranges and onions and then you put it a turkey cooking bag. And you fire up the oven to 375 and you hang around eating apps for 3 or 4 hours and then the turkey is done. This is a rebuttal to Instapundit

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Wild pig sausge

Hey, Don’t forget that I put 3 packages of wild pig sausage in the freezer in the Bunkhouse. Try it as burgers or lasagna or anything else you’d use ground beef for. Be sure to cook well. It is seasoned already. See you all Saturday. Thanks, Life sucks, don’t ya know. That’s from Chris. This

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On nights like these

we really miss Miss M and her appendage, ‘Phen. Family. Eating burgers. Where are Miss M & ‘Phen?

It did rain

and the power did go out. Transformer blew. Daughter C and Kat & Tony saw it. BUT WE WERE ON IT! So– back story is that Kat & Ton arrived in ATL back from the Far East and today rented a car to drive from ATL to Starkvegas. Caroline picked them up at Enterprise. Storm.

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I learned that the wife of one of the guys I followed way back in the way back died. The American Grouch’s Wife passed. Death is not everywhere. But it’s lurking around the corner. (Visited 11 times, 1 visits today)


BYUtailgate workflow   I am a stick. (Visited 6 times, 1 visits today)

Who are you– or I– to judge?

I’m in a hotel on the Gulf sorta watching the Texas v. Iowa State game and recovering from an Wintzell’s oyster food coma. I just came across this, via Instapundit: So maybe the world isn’t going to hell afterall. ? I remain– on my good days– optimistic. Sort of. The oysters were great!    

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I’m not really back

Long, longtime internet friend, SueK asked how we were. Here’s my response: Yeah. We’re having the rain remnants but nothing more. The coast was harder hit but not in any devastating way, except of course for the Louisiana coast that got pummeled when everyone’s attention was on Houston. I’m sure you’ve been following along. Lots

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