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Our Big Life on Farther Along Farm in rural Mississippi

Marica Cooks Monday

Corn chowder with chicken. It’s a Frugal Gourmet recipe that Mr. Big Food and I adapted based on the fact that I couldn’t decide what to cook for Marica Cooks Monday and Mr. Big Food suggested soup and I thought chowder. And baking powder biscuits. And a salad of homegrown cucumbers and tomatoes and peppers.

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There’s a Storm Brewing

And anytime theyr’s A Storm Brewing is a Good Tyme to get your self together. Because out here in Rural Mississippi is like we’re living in a 1st world 3rd world country. If the power doesn’t go out this time, it will next. Cindy is a drill. And we still. STILL. See the WSJ article

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English Muffins

Homemade. Insert deep breath emoji. I can’t quite yet get the griddle quite right. I’m reviving Cold Supper. I love food.   (Visited 6 times, 1 visits today)


This week’s edition of our local newspaper reported an apparent murder-suicide. Mr. Big Food heard about it from the folk in his carpool. According to the newspaper, the man called 911. Lots of police & sheriff folk responded. They found him and his wife. Pending investigation, it’s an “apparent” murder-suicide. They were in their 70s.

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The Summer House

Mostly, we go to sleep in the Bunkhouse– also known as the Jagerhaus– in the wintertime, when the power goes out. The furnace fans in the Big House require power but the little propane wall unit in the Bunkhouse just burns propane and generates heat.  It can be right cozy back in the Bunkhouse– also

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From the Department of Redundancy Department

We have two separate A/C units for the Big House. One has been failing for quite some time and finally bit the bullet yesterday. The other smaller unit– God bless its pea-pickin’ heart– rolled over & died yesterday. RIP. Both units were 25+ years old. So the air in the Big House is not currently

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Apparently, there’s a conspiracy to In Farm News…

This was Daughter C’s idea. We had, up in the workshop, a perfectly nice old enamel topped segment of kitchen cupboard that we brought with us from Cincinnati. It was in the basement in Cincy and we thought enough of it to tote it to Miss’ippi. Daughter C suggested that it might find purpose in

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In Tennessee you can get a hamburger on a donut. It’s delic. Via Powerline’s The Week in Pictures. (Visited 2 times, 1 visits today)