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Original photos of our Big Life by Marica

It’s Up Hill Both Ways

Over the next few months we– collectively all of us and our distant relatives, there is a wedding, afterall,– are going to be doing a lot of traveling. Kat just forwarded to me her American Airlines receipt email. It said Menu: Food for Purchase The first airplane ride I ever took was a short flight

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New Arrivals

The sun sets over the Farm. [The bright light is the pole light. The sun’s over there on the right. That is the moon up there.] I hope Daughter C and J will be amused. (Visited 20 times, 1 visits today)

At some stage

you are just going to have to admit that my day was far more interesting than the GOP debate. Rocky, Missy & I saw an owl! See him? Dead center. Sigh. I feel sorry for folks who don’t know what woods look like in winter. Winter Sunshine & all. (Visited 16 times, 1 visits today)