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Life beyond The Farm

We did some traveling around the Southeast this week

I checked in with my Grandson. He’s the cutest living thing you’ve ever seen. Not that you all weren’t the cutest living things in your own time but c’mon. He’s cute. Mr. Big Food spent some time in Atlanta being a philosopher of neuroc John. I think everyone had a good time. Neda might come

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I had forgotten all about this photograph

It was Friday’s supper after we got back home from A&S Happy Hour. Mr. Big Food promoted it as “Impromptu” supper and Daughter C took exception based on the definition of the word, “impromptu.” But the food was good. (Visited 18 times, 1 visits today)

It is immoral to participate in a corrupt state of affairs Mr. Big Food and I have been having this conversation. C.f. Howard Roark or … what’s that movie… “This whole f*^king … is out of order” [Al Pacino, Justice for All] Why cast your vote to prop up the sham that this is a democratic REPUBLIC? And what is it about this breast-beating “I’m

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Miss M’s Birthday. We did. I have video. I am sorely tempted to tell what happened. But I will NOT! Long Haired Hippy Dog gone Country. Look at them boots! Gone Country. (Visited 16 times, 1 visits today)