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Marica’s collection of crappy old books

Baby Bunny Update, et cetera

Baby Bunny went to his first Mommy & Me Story Time at his local library. I hear he had a great time! I expect he’ll be rolling over and quoting Hesiod any day now. Meanwhile… . We Country Mice hit the Friends of the Library Book Fair in S’vegas. Here’s what I’ve cataloged so far: That Health via

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Before the fall (updated)

“The god loves to cut down all towering things…  the god suffers none but himself to be haughty. Rash haste ever goes before a fall; but self-restraint brings blessings, not seen at the moment perhaps, yet found out in due time. “These are the words Herodotus makes the wise Artabanus speak to his nephew, Xerxes, King

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A Country Mouse Faux Pas

Over the past few days, I’ve quizzed Mr. Big Food about Saturday’s supper. He always comes up with something good and food is one of those things in life that’s something to look forward to. I asked him what we were having for supper Saturday evening and I was pretty sure he said Big Pot

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