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I really do have a question

How long does it take to charge up the charger? It boasts that it can convert ~25% of the sun’s energy onto electrons your devices want to devour at lickidy smart speed. The sun. Hahahaha. But how much sun does it take to charge the charger? This is measurable stuff. In my clime– Mississippi-

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“You do know

they’re talking MetaPhysics in our Living Room.” “I Know.” (Visited 13 times, 1 visits today)

It’s a fact, Jack!

J.L. Austin (The J-Man): It is worth bearing in mind, too, the general rule that we must not expect to find simple labels for complicated cases… however well-equipped our language, it can never be forearmed against all possible cases that may arise and call for description: fact is richer than diction. “A Plea for Excuses,” Proceedings

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We did some traveling around the Southeast this week

I checked in with my Grandson. He’s the cutest living thing you’ve ever seen. Not that you all weren’t the cutest living things in your own time but c’mon. He’s cute. Mr. Big Food spent some time in Atlanta being a philosopher of neuroc John. I think everyone had a good time. Neda might come

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Shark infested waters

So we– Alabama fishing licenses in hand– made our way to the shark infested waters of the pier at Gulf Shores. It was awesome. We didn’t catch any fish on account of the fact that the waters were shark infested. But we sure did look at & learn about sharks. I was at a Philosophy

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