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Maybe If I Hit You Harder You Will Understand

Calm down. I’m talking to my phone. Gallery>Select> funny little symbol>bluetooth> Marica’s Macbook Pro>send. Sending 8 files. And where are those 8 photos I want to send from my phone to my computer? Who the heck knows. RESET.   (Visited 7 times, 1 visits today)



After a full day of dealing with the “support” folks over a 502 error– no, 502 and 504 are not the same; if they were the same they wouldn’t have two different numbers– I am apparently back.

See you soon.

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More L.o.L etc.

AFC: — automatic frequency control — Air Force Cross — Appolo Flight Control BRB: — Borba (Yugoslav– Struggle– leading newspaper in Communist-controlled Yugoslavia) — British Railways Board FU: — Farmers Union — Friends University LOL: — length of lead (actual) — little old lady — Lobitos Oilfields Limited WTF: — will to fire — Waterford

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Farther Along Farm

I note that we are back Home on the Farm. Importantly, I do believe– in our absence– Folks had a good time here on our Farm. That is satisfying– in a BIG LIFE sort of way. We had to go to Memphis. We asked Daughter C & The JMan to Farm sit. I spruced up the

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Double Dang

Mr. Big Food and I traveled to the Great City of Birmingham, Alabama today. In addition to my new Sac Friend (which you might equate with a purse to the total embarrassment of my Sac), I took with me my phone, a note book, my iThingy, and a crappy old book. About 45 minutes into

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Little Issues

So far, no reply. (Visited 13 times, 1 visits today)

What the 8#!$??

Who put Daughter C in the spam folder? Daughter C is not spam. She has posting privileges, for crying out loud. Her comments are not spam. Good grief. (Visited 21 times, 1 visits today)