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I am not a religious person but I ask you to pray for our Nation. John says that the horse has left the barn. Dog Fighting former Federal Prison inmate Michel Vick is a microcosm of contemporary American. He’s the starting Q-back for the Pittsburgh Stealers. Michael Vick is the Quarterback in Pittsburgh. Like Ben

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The hippy’s come to town.

The hippies live in Oxford, Mississippi. Haha.

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Pickle Interuptus

I interrupt the pickle recipe barrage to make clear what’s happened. I had a bumper crop of cucumbers. This evening we enjoyed a cucumber au gratin dish. Cucumbers– they’re not just for pickles. And now… back to pickle recipes. (Visited 29 times, 1 visits today)

2nd Breakfast

In case you haven’t noticed, here on The Shire, The Farm, we like to eat. Some years ago, Daughter C painted some of the kitchen walls with chalkboard paint. Genius. It makes for a nice mix of old & new. (Just to the left of Bilbo’s door you can see the Morton Salt Girl’s umbrella.

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More shooting pictures coming. BTW I really liked that little 9mm. And would you look those clouds? (Visited 23 times, 1 visits today)

“… still fond of your dad.”

What I Want I don’t want a pipe and I don’t want a watch, I don’t want cigars or a bottle of Scotch. I don’t want a thing your money can buy. I don’t want a shirt of a four-in-hand tie. If you really would like this old heart of mine to be glad, I

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  Though it has wonderfully artistic lines of fuschia running though it as I post it, this screen shot of my old desktop looked wonderfully white and bright and clear when I took it. This will not do. I just finished an interesting book about the 1930s but I can’t talk about it because my

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Hot & Cold

At Mother Jones via Instapundit. This cracked me up. It is summer in Mississippi. (Visited 26 times, 1 visits today)

June 7. I haven’t forgotten

Since my last post about the crappy old book of the month on the Constitution of the United States, Mr. Big Food and I have traversed a fair number of miles. I’ve been keeping up with it. I believe I left off Wednesday evening when we caught some Spanish Mackerel and some Blues. Well, Mr.

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