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Let’s talk about the weather.

It’s very foggy this evening.

There were severe ThunderStorms earlier. There was disorganized hail. I think we responded properly. Daughter C and I are going to review our Emergency Provisions this weekend. We are coming on Tornado Season, afterall.   (Visited 5 times, 1 visits today)

I do believe

it’s going to rain soon. Sort of no getting around it. (Visited 7 times, 1 visits today)


I am not one to criticize local custom but, c’mon, man. Six inches is not enough. It has been so hot for so long that the cold water coming out of the “city” water pipes is warm enough to take a bath in on a cool Autumn day. The folks in charge really should think

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You know that feeling when

it’s typical Mississippi weather after they got the cotton in and you’ve been sort of paying attention to other NON WEATHER RELATED THINGS and you finally get around to looking at the RADAR map and you see the little pin that’s you and then you click on the zoom out button… and do it again…

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