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So Mr. Big Food and and have been talking about being frugal.

Like saving your chicken broth.

If you’ve been following along

you’ve noted that I love America.

Not in the stupid MAGA sense, but in the sense that what’s not to love about a country founded– grounded– on the individual.

Tonight we kick off five days of great American food.

DAY #1 FAST FRIDAY Fried bologna sandwiches.

and a salad.

and soup.

Gen. U. Ine.

I’ve been boticing that stupid auto-correct fails miserably along the dialect fringe.

Gen-U-Ine (for you poor souls that don’t know this, I’m uttering the word, according to Webster, “genuine” as how it’s said, “Gen-U-Ine” by some people. Genuine. It’s a word.)

‘Nuff of that. This is a Genuinely Large Tomato.

We’re right proud.


Marica Cooks Monday

Corn chowder with chicken. It’s a Frugal Gourmet recipe that Mr. Big Food and I adapted based on the fact that I couldn’t decide what to cook for Marica Cooks Monday and Mr. Big Food suggested soup and I thought chowder.

And baking powder biscuits.

And a salad of homegrown cucumbers and tomatoes and peppers.

Rumor has it Bruno arrives.


“Vegetarianism” Sunday

Most southern vegetarian food is flavored with bacon. That’s why Mr. Big Food’s “vegetarianism” is quoted. Ha, ha.

Tonight’s Scalloped Corn Sausage Version  used homemade hot sage sausage as a substitute for bacon.

Carrots in Cream Sauce

The Sausage Zucchini Boats  also had hot sage sausage.

#Garden #Bigfood #Bacon



I Wish I Had Takin’ a Picture

We had the most delightful supper.

Fast Friday.

Turkey Wrap Ups

Cocktail Meatballs in Curry Sauce

Mr. Big Food’s Garlic Herb Bread.

It’s possible, if yer not lookin,’ to miss the significance of Garlic Herb Bread.

We are herb rich right now.

Split a loaf of Italian or French bread, butter it with the butter that you’ve sauteed a bunch of garlic in, and layer on some home grown herbs. And cheese.

We used thyme, rosemary, a lot of oregano, and basil.

And Swiss.

There’s a Storm Brewing

And anytime theyr’s A Storm Brewing is a Good Tyme to get your self together.

Because out here in Rural Mississippi is like we’re living in a 1st world 3rd world country.

If the power doesn’t go out this time, it will next.

Cindy is a drill.

And we still. STILL. See the WSJ article about this, STILL have no high speed internet.

Despite the fact that our “representatives” in the Federal Legislature are well-known for being on the Federal Dole.

You should see the map that colors states in terms of how much people in other states are paying for Mississippi. It’s obscene. The next in line is The Commonwealth of Virginia.

That’s just sad. Virginia is a beautiful state. It’s got a lot going for it.

And yet, according to this map I found at Zerohedge dot com, scaled to output/revenue/or something, Virginia is just a shade less violently purple than Mississippi.


Kotel chief

English Muffins


Insert deep breath emoji.

I can’t quite yet get the griddle quite right.

I’m reviving Cold Supper.

I love food.


(close enough to) The Ides of June

Yes. That is a shopping cart– or as some like to call it, “buggy”– in the background. Doesn’t everyone have one?

Every morning I have coffee. Most mornings I take the dogs for a walk– which is to say, I make them sit, and after what I, as Leader, deem to be a most appropriate number of Dog Whisperer seconds, OPEN the door and let them out to have an early morning the dew is on the rose and it’s not yet so hot run over a few acres run. And after some hoopla, I have more coffee, and wander around the World Wide Web for a few minutes.

This is what’s wrong with America right now. You people keep your dogs tethered. They cannot run free. You don’t get to see to … what’s the word I’m looking for? …  You know. How you…  ! That’s it Vicarious.

Your dogs don’t run free and so you don’t run free, vicariously.

And this explains why I like Jonah Goldberg.

He lets his dogs run free. Chickens be damned.