It’s hard picking dill,

navigating through the black swallowtail butterfly eggs.

[and once again I am waiting for photos that… … … to appear. I hate the Internet.]

It’s like living in the Dark Ages. I have multiple photographs of tonight’s dinner– dill, sans butterfly seeds– and I can’t make it happen.




Today was the first anniversary of ‘Phen’s birth.

Cute little fella who’s bound to become … who ever he wants to be.


Deal with it

I am thrilled that Caroline and Jordan are growing things.

That’s Western Civ. 101. Grow things to eat.

I used  chick pea flour the other day. Before the other day, I did not know that there was such a thing a chick pea flour.

I like to make fun of people who like specialty flours, but in the case of chick pea flour, I get it.

it is also true that potato flour makes a superlative white sauce.

And there are going to be a lot of blackeyed peas to pick & shell.

In reply to Suek

First time for me, too. Tomatillos have been volunteering out here since the first time I purposefully planted them and we’ve always gotten a couple of good bowls of salsa out of them. This year’s crop was prolific in terms of quantity, but defective in quality.

That’s sad because it’s always fun to pair a good tomato year with a good tomatillo year.

What do you think?

About the …

current state of affairs?

I find it disheartening that the squiggly red line police do not allow me to mispell wordz.


I feel badly

that I haven’t … .

That I’ve let the blog slide and it’s no time more evident than on Independence Day– a day that means something.

But I have zucchini fritters made with chick pea flour, and fresh zucchini, and all of the spices– the spices, hot just the herbs– are from the garden.



An Experiment

Was it an experiment designed to test a hypothesis, or one to identify underlying variables?

I think the former.

It was inevitable.

You could see it coming from the western frontier.

Ha ha

We here on the Farm are like swimming in fresh vegetables.


Don’t you?

Love this blog?

Do you think I could monetize myself?


So Mr. Big Food and and have been talking about being frugal.

Like saving your chicken broth.

If you’ve been following along

you’ve noted that I love America.

Not in the stupid MAGA sense, but in the sense that what’s not to love about a country founded– grounded– on the individual.

Tonight we kick off five days of great American food.

DAY #1 FAST FRIDAY Fried bologna sandwiches.

and a salad.

and soup.

Gen. U. Ine.

I’ve been boticing that stupid auto-correct fails miserably along the dialect fringe.

Gen-U-Ine (for you poor souls that don’t know this, I’m uttering the word, according to Webster, “genuine” as how it’s said, “Gen-U-Ine” by some people. Genuine. It’s a word.)

‘Nuff of that. This is a Genuinely Large Tomato.

We’re right proud.


Marica Cooks Monday

Corn chowder with chicken. It’s a Frugal Gourmet recipe that Mr. Big Food and I adapted based on the fact that I couldn’t decide what to cook for Marica Cooks Monday and Mr. Big Food suggested soup and I thought chowder.

And baking powder biscuits.

And a salad of homegrown cucumbers and tomatoes and peppers.

Rumor has it Bruno arrives.


“Vegetarianism” Sunday

Most southern vegetarian food is flavored with bacon. That’s why Mr. Big Food’s “vegetarianism” is quoted. Ha, ha.

Tonight’s Scalloped Corn Sausage Version  used homemade hot sage sausage as a substitute for bacon.

Carrots in Cream Sauce

The Sausage Zucchini Boats  also had hot sage sausage.

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