I Wish I Had Takin’ a Picture

We had the most delightful supper.

Fast Friday.

Turkey Wrap Ups

Cocktail Meatballs in Curry Sauce

Mr. Big Food’s Garlic Herb Bread.

It’s possible, if yer not lookin,’ to miss the significance of Garlic Herb Bread.

We are herb rich right now.

Split a loaf of Italian or French bread, butter it with the butter that you’ve sauteed a bunch of garlic in, and layer on some home grown herbs. And cheese.

We used thyme, rosemary, a lot of oregano, and basil.

And Swiss.


There’s a Storm Brewing

And anytime theyr’s A Storm Brewing is a Good Tyme to get your self together.

Because out here in Rural Mississippi is like we’re living in a 1st world 3rd world country.

If the power doesn’t go out this time, it will next.

Cindy is a drill.

And we still. STILL. See the WSJ article about this, STILL have no high speed internet.

Despite the fact that our “representatives” in the Federal Legislature are well-known for being on the Federal Dole.

You should see the map that colors states in terms of how much people in other states are paying for Mississippi. It’s obscene. The next in line is The Commonwealth of Virginia.

That’s just sad. Virginia is a beautiful state. It’s got a lot going for it.

And yet, according to this map I found at Zerohedge dot com, scaled to output/revenue/or something, Virginia is just a shade less violently purple than Mississippi.


Kotel chief

English Muffins


Insert deep breath emoji.

I can’t quite yet get the griddle quite right.

I’m reviving Cold Supper.

I love food.


(close enough to) The Ides of June

Yes. That is a shopping cart– or as some like to call it, “buggy”– in the background. Doesn’t everyone have one?

Every morning I have coffee. Most mornings I take the dogs for a walk– which is to say, I make them sit, and after what I, as Leader, deem to be a most appropriate number of Dog Whisperer seconds, OPEN the door and let them out to have an early morning the dew is on the rose and it’s not yet so hot run over a few acres run. And after some hoopla, I have more coffee, and wander around the World Wide Web for a few minutes.

This is what’s wrong with America right now. You people keep your dogs tethered. They cannot run free. You don’t get to see to … what’s the word I’m looking for? …  You know. How you…  ! That’s it Vicarious.

Your dogs don’t run free and so you don’t run free, vicariously.

And this explains why I like Jonah Goldberg.

He lets his dogs run free. Chickens be damned.



This week’s edition of our local newspaper reported an apparent murder-suicide. Mr. Big Food heard about it from the folk in his carpool. According to the newspaper, the man called 911. Lots of police & sheriff folk responded. They found him and his wife. Pending investigation, it’s an “apparent” murder-suicide. They were in their 70s.

Joe texted to say he could not come out this evening to try to fix the lawn tractor for us on account of the fact that there was a bad fire. Joe’s a volunteer firefighter. The folks lost everything, including their four pets.

1-2-3-4 pets. And everything.

Mississippi news websites are reporting that Congressman Trent Kelly was “targeted” this morning. A) Kelly does not look to me to be in any condition to be playing competitive baseball; 2) that he happened– by chance on account of his desire to signal his “competitiveness”– to be somewhere where someone was non-randomly shooting non-random people does not make Kelly a “target”; c) Nobody gives a rat’s ass about Mississippi. Stop trying to make it so.

In other news– “Brockmire” is worth watching; we’ve spotted the first of the cukes; grade inflation meets Bruno/Bickle/Bernstein/Cooper– and I can plot a mean (yuck!!) graph to show it; and hey you dumb stupid Rep from NW NY state– You say you have a carry permit? From NY state? Guess what? Not recognized in DC. or MD. So I’m counting you as “all-in” on reciprocal carry, right? As Leslie Winkle likes to say, “Dumb ass.”

I guess that’s it for news.

I’ll wrap this up with a BIG shout out to SueK. Thanks for sticking around!

The Summer House

Mostly, we go to sleep in the Bunkhouse– also known as the Jagerhaus– in the wintertime, when the power goes out. The furnace fans in the Big House require power but the little propane wall unit in the Bunkhouse just burns propane and generates heat.  It can be right cozy back in the Bunkhouse– also known (for these very same reasons) as the Hunting House– in the wintertime.

This time is a bit different.

We have had– knock on wood– no interruption in power supply.

But both of our A/C units fell victim to age on the same day. No Kidding.

FORTUNATELY! The wall A/C unit in the Bunkhouse Jagerhaus Summer House works quite well. It cools and conditions the air.

For the last few evenings & nights, The Bunkhouse, also known as the Jagerhaus, has   become our Summer House.


Mr. Travis came out– on Joe’s recommendation– and he fixed the A/C unit that keeps Snaps’ side of the house cool.

We’ve had a lot of rain, and the temperature– when the sun isn’t shining– has barely gotten above 80 degrees. So we’ve opened windows and the big house isn’t hot. But over on the western side– the master bedroom side– it’s cool and damp, what with the open windows and the rain.

So we’re spending another night in the Summer House.

See also all posts dealing with REDUNDANCY.



From the Department of Redundancy Department

We have two separate A/C units for the Big House. One has been failing for quite some time and finally bit the bullet yesterday. The other smaller unit– God bless its pea-pickin’ heart– rolled over & died yesterday.

RIP. Both units were 25+ years old.

So the air in the Big House is not currently conditioned.

We have several fellows working on it.

It’s warm in there.

Fortunately, 🙂

It’s cool as cucumbers back here in the Bunkhouse.

Apparently, there’s a conspiracy to In Farm News…

This was Daughter C’s idea. We had, up in the workshop, a perfectly nice old enamel topped segment of kitchen cupboard that we brought with us from Cincinnati. It was in the basement in Cincy and we thought enough of it to tote it to Miss’ippi.

Daughter C suggested that it might find purpose in its old age on the patio.

It’s not all that heavy. But combined with it’s size, it’s awkward for one person to move. I thought through several options. Note that the shop is on significantly higher ground than the patio. So it’s downhill all the way.

I finally settled on tipping it over onto a 4-wheeled dolly and pushing it downhill.

We took the long way around to avoid steps.

We made it!

After hours and hours of cleaning up the patio, the cupboard springs to new life– spider nest free!



I takes energy to stay organized.


It was a sunny day today.