Probably not my best letter ever,

but I’m tired of this.

When was the internet invented? When was the last time you had to actually think  about connecting to the internet (when you weren’t in a hotel)?

We do it every fuck. *. ing. day.

Hi Brandon—

My husband, John Bickle and I communicated and met with you several years ago when you did a townhall in Eupora. At that time (just before election time?), you likened the lack of dedicated (read adsl or whatever the right term is) to the lack of electricity in the crappy olden days.

You pledged to get the ball rolling— to turn the internet lights on.

What’s become of that pledge?

The year is 2017.

We are still paying through the nose to Verizon for the privilege of having FIOS internet. Over $200 per month to Verizon and it’s not for phone service. It’s for internet, which does not work reliably at reliably good up/download speeds.

We are in Webster County. My husband is a Full Professor at State and Head of the Department of Philosophy and Religion. We entertain and host guests here on our farm who hail from across the United States, Australian, Canada, and Europe. It was rural cute, seven years ago, to tell them to watch their data consumption while they stayed and fished and enjoyed Mississippi. Seven years ago– when we first moved here.

It’s not cute anymore. It’s embarrassing.

What is the game plan to cajole internet service providers to get us internet out here?

As an aside, something hit our truck (small deer? coyote?) The fellow at the body shop in Wathall was flummoxed because he couldn’t connect to the internet to get prices on the parts to fill out the form to send to the insurance agent… .

You want to make Mississippi Great angai an attractive place to live (which it is)? You want to keep some of the smart younin’s here? Get us the freaking internet.

[I’m a libertarian so I don’t think getting the internet is *really* the job of gov’t. But I’m at my wit’s end. I don’t think I have any pull with the AT&T/DIRECTV folks. But I do vote.]


Marica Bernstein

A Great Disappointment


The Beavers have decided– that’s right! I’ve ascribed intentionality to Beavers!– to go into hiding.

Stupid Beavers.


And on and on it went last evening. Not a Beaver to be seen in any of the photographs taken by the Trail Cam.

I’m of a mind to send it back. It’s supposed to take pictures of critters. And it hasn’t.

Defective Trail Cam.


I have watched 5+ seasons of The Sopranos.

I’ve been alive long enough to claim a senior discount on cheap coffee at McDonalds.

I know how Life Works.

Right now I am enjoying my pizza.


Mr. Big Food has gone fishing, meaning we can eat frozen pizza.

Meaning no disrespect, but I think we should try to get away with a lot of stuff.

That’s what my mom did.

Every time time Dad went out of town we had Swanson’s TV dinners. And they were delicious.

About Beavers

… .

They are smart and industrious.

They are not lazy shits.

We’re just saying.

66% of them are respectable.

That’s like one sd dude.




Today is the 59th Anniversary of my Mother’s and Father’s marriage.

The wind blows.



AND we have our very own Trail Cam.

Good. Night.

OMG! Yes! I did call Mama.



I have a lot of crappy old Biology textbooks.

The other day, I did a quick observational drive-by. I searched for “gene.”

What I found was interesting.

Also. At one point in time, I linked to … what’s that guy? He was in Montana and then he moved.

He’s got some amazing photographs of Life on Earth.


I’m trying to clean up the Den. And I am confronted by all of these books.

The initial count was 1250.

I should have invited criticism.

I’m not so sure I need to move >3000.


I like to think I am a good hostess

and I’m ALL Libertarian and ALL… but where’s our houseguest? And the person charged with getting our houseguest back out here on the Farm?

Hum. I’m sure they’ll figure it out.

UPDATE: Well. Note to drivers out there– as you approach a law enforcement officer’s vehicle with its lights flashing because the officer has pulled someone else over, please slow down and pull into the opposite lane or else you, too, will get pulled over.



Some of us went to Water Valley on our way to Oxford this day.

Water Valley is a nice little town. It really is and by that I mean that it really, still, is.

Hahahaha. Gilbert and I share a laugh whenever we speak of Water Valley!

Water Valley is where I got that ridiculously good deal on a modern but still important printing of Casanova.

Others of us went directly to Oxford.

Dinner at the Neighbors


Once a week we have dinner at our neighbors. We look forward to Dinner at Our Neighbors.

It’s possible that I am the wealthiest person on the planet.

My neighborhood is Sublime.

And the food is really f*&King good.

ObLaDee… .