This was frightening!

no data WTH?

Not to worry. My computer had just had a conversation with my printer and I had failed to flip the switch.

Rain started at 3, 8/10th of an inch so far. It’s April in Mississippi.

It’s almost the weekend

so you know what that means.

It’s like a broken record. And what’s funny about that is in another 20 years most folks will understand the meaning of that but few will know what it means.

Why does it affect me so?

I had been alternately diddling inside and out, and thinking and writing about preparedness.

I came inside, sat down at my desk and refreshed American Digest.

For a split second, I did not understand. And then I typed drudge… .

I hit the top link– there were only three at the time– and looked at the pictures.

Notre Dame. In flames. I just sat there staring at the screen.

As much as I know about the brain and how as it relates to the mind, I have no explanation for why my brain singled to my tear ducts in these moments.

And then I went outside for some fresh air. Notre Dame. In Flames. Why does this affect me so? What is going on?

I don’t care about how / why it happened.

I’ve been there once, and only on the outside.

Where is that photo?

Kat & Marg feeding the Notre Dame sparrows in 2000

I searched the picture tub and found it.

So why does it affect me so?

Why did I weep?