I can think of no good reason

why we shouldn’t just go ahead and have a tropical storm, can you?

I’ll be getting things in order throughout the day. May even venture out to the the old Dollar General to see why sort of trouble I can find. JK. I don’t go looking for trouble.

Dinner & a Movie | Joplin & The Sting

I was scrounging the Apartment the other day looking for things Mom would be interested in. I came across a CD– left by Daughter C & The J-Man– titled “Dinner Music.” I went to the storeroom, found a mini-boombox, plugged it in and previewed “Dinner Music.” It was not. But it did remind me that we had a delightful CD of Itzhak Perlman doing Scott Joplin. So we listened.

Dinner was Tuesday Southern Vegetarian Night. Delicious. No bones. Just a pound of bacon. Southern Vegetarian.

Listening to Joplin reminded us of The Sting. So we pulled it up and watched the whole thing while relaxing on a 3.5′ x 6′ space back here in the Den on 60 acres.

What a great movie!

Low confidence

Given the complexity of the situation, both the track and intensity 
forecasts are currently low confidence.

Paragraph four of four, or as the kids note, 4/4, from the NWS Hurricane Center.

Maybe it’s just me and my relative lack of coffee but when one is making predictions and communicating such to the public, wouldn’t one give enough of a rat’s ass about the public to say, hey, maybe I ought to disclose the fact that we’re still in the just winging it stage *before* one spends three paragraphs winging it?

Maybe it’s just me.