The Cut in the Hill

After dark.

Conditioning the Air

Yesterday the A/C didn’t come on until about 3pm. Today it came on at 6pm. Oh, it’s still warm outside. The high was 89˚. But we are in that sweet spot where the overnight low–50˚F!–cools the house down nicely if the windows are open and the fans are moving the air around. Looking forward to a decent electric bill.

In other news, I have bean recipes scheduled through Saturday. After that it’s going to be potluck as I am traveling. Mr. Big Food’s North American tour (Western Ontario, Toledo, eastern rural Michigan, Cleveland and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame) concludes in our former stomping grounds of Cincinnati, where I’ll be joining him and many old friends.

And then! Off again. ‘Tis the season.

One more thing. I am packed in one bag. One single bag. Not a carryon with a ‘personal item.’ Just one 15 pound backpack. The very last thing I packed was a book. What book? The flights to get us to Rovaniemi, Finland supported a weighty book, The Abolition of Man. I studied it and took notes. I think I blogged about it. These flights are shorter. So I went with something that could be digested more easily.

An Elementary Historical New English Grammar. Joseph Wright and Elizabeth Mary Wright. Oxford University Press, London. 1924.

Humm. Joseph & Elizabeth Mary. A married couple who work on things together. What an idea!


It would have been more fun if the outdoor humidity had been 65–like all palindrome–but you take what Mother Nature gives you.

This new Department of Redundancy Department weather station is not nearly as detailed as the other one, but at least I don’t have to get up and walk three paces to see what’s up.