It’s Football Food!

Welcome to the SEC, Brian.

Recipes coming tomorrow. God bless, and The Ohio State University should see that it’s possible to pass against Georgia.

Books of Brilliance

One of the blogs I follow is Book of Brilliance. The proprietor is launching a sub-site–

We have launched our own community on Books of Brilliance. The goal of this is to let users and visitors write about their favorite books or whatever book related post that they want to discuss.

This is, I think, the link to join.

And don’t forget to have a look see at The Old Books Blog.

About last night

“The storm had passed but the wind was still howling ferociously.”

The wind wasn’t nearly as bad as was forecast–at least not here. On the Farm it topped out at 18mph sustained, and no gusts over 30. Still. Knock on wood we haven’t had much bad weather lately so it was good practice. For a time the beep beeps warnings were being interrupted by beep beep warnings. Three and on-half inches of rain. Could have been a lot worse.