Business as Usual.

Today I wrote a check for $53.50 to a junk/*Antique* store in my nearby town.  $50 went to product, three dollars and fifty cents went to the state of Mississippi, and some portion of that will actually be put back on the books of the town in which I purchased my product. The numbers are reported in my weekly newspaper. “Sales Tax Receipts.”

Anyhoo, I paid for it but wasn’t prepared to take this piece of furniture back to the farm at once. 

I have no receipt.

I am 100% confident (a meaningless assertion) that there will be a new used piece of furniture at the farm tomorrow, receipt or not. 

Can you, with confidence, say the same? If you paid 50 bucks for something that you didn’t walk away with, do you expect what you paid for to be waiting for you?