Farm cleaning products

For the past few days– 12 to be exact– I’ve been cleaning the house. Scrubbing floors and restoring a shine to them. Cleaning and polishing furniture, silver, and wooden kitchen cupboards.

When I take a break, I search my library for “cleaning” and I come up empty. 

I will keep looking.  Surly the crappy old folks had something to say about household cleanliness.

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  1. Surly old folks have something to say about everything.

    But surely you’ll be able to find _something_ about household cleanliness!

    Or maybe not. It’s just the same old thing…remove dust, wash, scrub and polish.

    (verify word is “unten” …under in German. Be sure you get “unten” everything!”

    Maybe if you looked in Jewish libraries? My understanding is that the “spring cleaning” tradition is linked to Passover, which links it to Easter, but the Jewish practice was to throw lots of stuff out, scrub everything in specific manners and then start the “new” year fresh. Seems to me that the specifications were fairly specific on how to do all the required tasks…

  2. Wonder where I could find a Jewish library in north central Mississippi?

    Actually, I think I have been looking in the wrong places. I should check a whole ‘nuther set of bookshelves!

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