Rocky has a new friend!
[Note to family: The Suz is still with us. And is doing remarkably well in the face of today’s utter chaos.]
In for a penny, in for a pound. If you’re going to have a perfectly proportioned eight month old Stafforshire Terrier (mix) midget, you might as well have an almost five month old German Shepherd/Lab giant to balance the scale.

Missy– whose former name was “Audrey” (??)– is doing well, all things considered.  “Missy” because it became evident that she needs to learn some manners, as in Miss Manners, & Miss M. who is a stickler for manners.
What are these “all things” we are considering? 

1) Until this morning, Missy had spent the vast majority of her life at the West Point/ Clay County Animal Shelter– a pleasant enough place if the alternative is death by car or dog fight– with many many other dogs. Now Missy lives on a farm, with only The Suz and Rocky.

2) Until this morning, Missy had spent the vast majority of her waking and sleeping hours outside– albeit under cover– in a 3’x5′ chain link cage. Tonight she’s in a much smaller box, but it has a blankey. And although we turn the thermostat down at night, by any objective measure, 65* is warmer than 45*.

3) Until this morning, Missy was allowed to do anything she felt like doing, within the confines of her cage or the play area. Her circumstances have changed. Now she is scolded for jumping. 

The “adoption” process is a joke. I had to fill out a three-page questionnaire. I had fun. 
Q: “How much are you willing to spend annually on the care and feeding of your new pet?” 

A: “As much as is needed.”

Q: “Do you know dogs can live for over 17.5 years? Are you prepared to make that time commitment?”

A: “See question above about ‘how many dogs have you had in the past 10 years?’ Suzy, age 17.5.”

Q: “Will you take your dog to the vet?”

A: “Yes.”

I heard that our vet gave us a “glowing recommendation.” I wonder if Joe remembered Millie when he was assessing me. Or remembered how hard we worked to find Lady when she went missing.

I did not answer one question, which went something like this, “Will you allow a representative of the West Point/Clay County Animal Shelter to show up unannounced at your house to inspect … .” Of course not. Are you kidding me? 

Someone who shows up unannounced at the Farm is going to have to deal with Rocky & me. 

I had to present two forms of MS ID. What fun. Drivers license & Carry permit.

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  1. Suzy is actually managing quite well. Adding Missy to the mix means he no longer nips at Suzy’s ankles, although Missy does sometimes.

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