Man’s Best Friend

DISCLAIMER: I’m sure the information exists. I just haven’t found it, yet.

I am learning that due to Missy’s alleged pedigree, I can expect a dog that ranks on the + sd side of life in all things that matter to me. 


Missy might have the propensity to be a “working dog.” The former owner of the Farm had sheep. We will not. 

Missy might have the propensity to be a “guard dog.”  What is she guarding against? How do you teach friend from foe? Staffordshire Terriers are reported to have very good intuition.

I expected the online literature to be better. Maybe it is a good thing I have some crappy old books.

Read my beefs below.

My problem is that I’m not finding any useful information about how to train and integrate this mutt into our family. I see a lot of verbage about how My New Dog will be Part of My Family, and then it’s all about the dog. 
I’m not finding anything that addresses the issues I’m facing. 
I guess I’ll figure it out as I go along.

I note with great pleasure that she’s asleep.