A New Twist on Life.

There are no pictures. It just happened. Rocky got called. Out. Of. The. Game. In his box–  not his room, his box. 

Mr. Big Food commented as this was all going on, “He’s just going to tear up that room.” And I said, “That’s why he’s going in his box.” And he said, “Good call.”


We agreed that The Rockster needed to learn some things. 

Rocky had some quality box time and Mr. Big Food and I, and Missy (dogs never go before humans unless there’s a really good reason) finished our dinner and a movie– Bonnie & Clyde.

And then, Missy and I went to free Rocky from his box. This was a humiliating experience for Rocky. He bore it well. He’s now crashed with The Leader of The Pack. 

And she’s not doing well. I expect to hear squeeking soon.