The iAdventures Begin

As iI lamented in last evening’s post, my computer time is limited, but via my smart phone– which is Smart but not Genius– I discovered the Telephone number for The Apple Store (not the Apple Store at Saddle Something Crossing in Memphis, just 1-800-MYAPPLE). I rang up a the number and a very polite fellow in Austin answered my call. We chatted. I told him an entry level 15″ MacBookPro straight out of the box would work fine for me, and that he should go to Fion at Shiner Ranch. We proceeded through his iObligatory attempts to sell me the iExtended warranty (if a Mac is so dang good, why does the extended service/support cost $350?) and then got down to business.

I’m looking at my notes, and Caesar– like the Roman Emperor, that’s this name– assured me that my computer would be delivered by 3/30 at the latest. And there was a good chance it would be delivered TOMORROW. I was skeptical. Just because Caesar is in Austin doesn’t mean my computer is coming to me from Austin. We talked in the morning, and Austin is only about 9 hours from here. So if my computer is in Austin, and if Caesar was going to get off work and drive it to the Farm, I could have a new computer tomorrow. But I was skeptical about “as soon as tomorrow.”


When I asked about shipping modes,Caesar said that it was FedEx or UPS and he had no control over this. Too bad, because Memphis is a FedEx hub. And I would have looked forward to a 3/30 delivery date. It seemed a bit ambitious, but I was hopeful that it would be shipped via FedEx.

I’ve gotten a tentative email from UPS. 4/2. That’s next MONDAY. 4/2 IS LATER THAN 3/30.

Fortunately for me, Caesar gave me his direct TELEPHONE line. We will chat tomorrow. Perhaps I’ll invite him and my new MacBookPro out to the Farm for the Weekend. It’s a short drive.

Jeff– Can family rally to the cause and offer Caesar a cigar or something in return for delivering my new computer– which is already paid for– before UPS gets around to it?