Actions Have Consequences


Origin (from Dictionary dot com):

1350–1400; Middle English  (noun) < Latin consequent-  (stem of consequēns,  present participle of consequī  to follow closely). See con-, sequent


From Dictionary dot com’s entrant on “consequent

[Yes, yes. It is my habit to check old dictionary entries, but it’s late. I took a zillion years of Latin and these definitions cohere nicely with my definition of “consequence.”]

Actions have consequences.

Right Left: rawhide; Left Right: artsy thing on the mantle.
So when I told Daughter C. that I’d given Rocky a piece of raw hide, and that he’d gently growled at me when I tried to take it away … . And he did the same thing when she tried to take it away from him as we were eating supper and watching t.v.  …

There’s your rawhide. Up on the mantle.

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