Accuweather Revised

Last evening I posted about the chance of frost tonight.

Here are the predictions as of a few minutes ago, (with yesterday’s forecast for tonight in parentheses) :

Wunderground——— 37 (37)
Accuweather———— 41 (51 LOL!)
The Weather Channel– 39 (39)

NOAA——————– 37 (40)

I note that there is no hazardous weather alert form NOAA. Despite my issues with NOAA, the NOAA folk in Jackson do a good (albeit sometimes a bit hyperbolic) job of alerting people to weather that affects agriculture and home gardeners. I’m not expecting a frost– at least not where I have things planted.

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  1. Hard to say. I actually started looking at the various sites to find yesterday’s / this morning’s low but the information was available more readily on some than others.

    Looks like, though, somewhere in the 35-37 range. We had no frost at all. But it was right chilly this morning!

  2. If you get the opportunity to pick up a maximum/minimum thermometer, it might be worth your while. I’ve looked at a bunch, but the problem is that they’re all electronic these days. I’d really like to have one of the old mercury ones, but they’re forboten, it seems.

    What I’m looking for is the old fashioned kind where you have a magnet (usually attached by a string) which allows you to draw down the mercury so that it can start moving up or down again. Maybe you could find one at a garage/estate/flea sale…**

    Then of course, you have to choose your spot judiciously. In direct sun and you’ll have horrendous (and incorrect) highs. Too close to the house and you’ll have distorted lows. In your garden, shaded in some way would be ideal…

    ** If I find a link, I’ll post it – there was an incident somewhere about 4-5 months ago where they called out this massive haz-mat team to clean out a mercury spill in the road.

    Someone ran over a thermometer.

    1. That made me chuckle.

      I like the idea of a min/max thermometer. It would be useful for record keeping– especially of the gardens’ various micro-climates.

  3. Oh brother. I’m surprised they didn’t remove the kids and put them in foster care and away from these negligent parents!

  4. >>especially of the gardens’ various micro-climates.>>

    It depends on your location, of course, but I have _widely_ different micro-climates around my house. The house is oriented approximately east/west and is long. One end gets sun nearly all day, the other end is shaded all day. One side of the house gets morning sun, the other gets afternoon sun, plus heat from an asphalt driveway. You can imagine that each area would get pretty different results.

    I’m guessing that if I had a garden down in back in the open area, my results wouldn’t differ too much.

  5. Do you see much difference in the N/S sunrise position through the year? Asking because I get what you’re saying about the orientation of your house, and am wondering how you landscaped it, given these issues.

  6. No for the most part, I know that there’s a difference, but our biggest problem is when we talk about the front and back of the house. The “front” is supposed to be where the driveway is – that’s where the front door is – but the back of the house is windowed and overlooks a (very) small canyon/valley, so that’s usually what we mean when we say “front” Anyway…it’s just not so noticeable – it’s just the “front” where the sun rises, and the back where it sets.
    We don’t “landscape”, I’m afraid – we just plant. No artistry involved. I decide I want to plant a something and then look for a good spot to put it where I won’t forget to water it.
    I lost my gardenia when I visited son and daughter – nobody watered it. If it had rained like it usually does during that seasonal period, it wouldn’t have been a problem – but it didn’t. Virtually no rain this season until the last two weeks. I almost bought another one at Costco for $20, but when I went to pick one up, I realized that it was a patience plant with double/triple blooms, The flowers were small in diameter, but really looked like a gardenia from across the isle! Still…$20 for a patience plant??? Wow. I’ll wait. Maybe around Mother’s Day…!

    1. Sorry about the gardenia. I love gardenias– once had a house with grandiflora and minis at every entry. So sweet it was overwhelming. Wonderful!

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