A Middle-aged Delinquent with Hope

Some escalloped sweet potato apple thing with apple juice & tumaric
I’ve shirked my responsibilities as a homemaker who eats Big Food, and has a Big Garden and lives a Big Life, and blogs about same. I’ve failed to post several recipes, and I’ve only barely managed to keep up with the food photos.

If I were prone to making excuses– and I do when I think it’s expedient!– I’d blame a spate of computer problems.

The nice thing about blogging on my new computer with my new paid for unlimited ability to  up/download stuff to the World Wide Web is that– if I choose to be– I can be reformed.

So now that Mr. Big Food no longer needs to take his computer that has a keyboard designed by a moron, and contains all of Big Food, to work with him, I might be able to easily post recipes.