A. Leland has arrived.

Miss. M. has arrived.

Mr. Big Food & I have retired to The Den.


Arthur, Caroline, Margaret & Ruddy (A’s dog) are still yacking away at the Picnic Table on the Patio under a clear Southern Sky filled with Springtime bugs.


Elsewhere– and I’m just culling from my top sites, I’ve only recently arrived home from MEM where I fetched Miss. M.– people who thought they could be Free if only they could reach the US embassy are not doing so well. And faceless Julia is living a sad, boring life.

Both links to PJMedia. As I said, I only recently arrived home.


Missy & I had a bit of regular time. With or without Rocky sleepovers, we try to let her/them hang out in the Den for a while, and unwind, before Lights Out. It’s working pretty well.


I am unwinding, too. Driving to MEM is not that big a deal, but it’s a deal.