It’s been a fun 24 hours!

This morning Miss M. and I were out on the patio enjoying the morning. Miss M. looked at the tiller that was on the patio and said, “What’s that?” Miss M. doesn’t know very much about County Life.

I replied, “A tiller.”

Later in the morning, Miss M. moved the tiller.

It was a hoot & a holler.

Miss M. thinks we should move the rocks Rocky, the Junk Yard Dog, dug up out of the front bed. Remember that?


Later in the morning, A. Leland came out and we all smoked cigarettes and drank coffee and yacked. … A. Leland read us a little story. And then he went to Starkvegas.

Miss M. and I also went to Vegas. We did some errands. We went to the Co-Op and bought some s&*^#– 400 pounds of s&*^# to be exact (10 bags)– I got a malt, we saw went to Daughter C’s office and met some folk, had a beer then supper, went home and found ourselves yacking across the picnic table.


Miss M. was dressed very nicely.

She really thought she was going to have to help load that 400 pounds of cow manure into the truck in her nice clothes. She’d have done it. But I would have paid.

As it stands, those boys were all too willing to load that manure into the truck.

They do it for me, too. But they just don’t seem all that urgent about it.


Still. Mommy +1!

It is a good-natured competition, I hope we all believe. Why else would A. Leland be here? And why else would we have put our thinking caps on to get Miss M. here now? Competition.


Who’s the funniest? Who knows the most about Zombie Land? Or Hume?

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