If I don’t keep up… I’ll be lost.

We dropped Miss M. off at MEM.

We had breakfast at a CK’s Coffee shop

where you can get a glazed donut burger.

I saw at least 1/2 dozen of these signs in yards. 
We posted some mail.

We had lunch.

Not here.

And then POOF! We were at Mr. & Mrs. Kant’s!

Delicious. Thank you!

Kids & Dog photos get a dedicated post. Thanks y’all!

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  1. I have a “gizmo” to make spatzele with…bought it while we were stationed in Germany. It’s a bit like a grater with a sliding box on top. Except the “grater” part doesn’t have any sharp edges, and the “box” slides on little wheels held in by the sides. You make the dough, drop a glop into the box, rest the “grater” part on your pot (it has a little protrusion to prevent slippage on the pot) of boiling (salted) water, and then just rub the box back and forth for the dough to drop through the holes into the water. Pretty easy. Finish one “box”, scoop out the cooked spatzele with a slotted spoon, fill ‘er up and do it again. A bit more work than noodles, but not much!

  2. Not similar at all…the device he uses (a potato ricer, I think) pushes the dough/batter through the holes by using straight down pressure. My device allows the dough/batter to ooze through the holes by gravity and get cut off by the “box” moving across the upper surface. I don’t know if there’d be much difference in the product that results – I think his might turn out more noodle like than mine, or mine would be more like fat little blobs than his. Other than that – not much difference.

  3. Interesting. Checked out a few links – none of them even faintly resembled the one your friend is using. His looks like a super dooper one – must be old! I’d be interested in learning what the brand was – and if the company is still in operation. So many aren’t!

    I was also surprised at the ebay item link – I really like Cooks Illustrated…they do a lot of testing on equipment and methods – which I enjoy reading and learning from. I would not have thought that the plastic “cheap” looking model would have won their top approval. Just goes to show _something_ I guess!



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