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As I … why aren’t PC keybpards back;oghterd?
As I mentioned, my Genius computer is acting up. Mr. Big Food lent me the computer he really really hates. Thanks. Insert a lot of complaints.  
Oh for crying out loud. I just let Missy out and the frog came in and Rocky was too excited by my excitement to catch the stupid thing. So now there’s a frog in the house. A week from now, we’ll be asking what smells. 


The Food Mill. 

In anticipation of making more dewberry jam and sauce, I bought a regulation food mill. We have a sauce maker, but we decided we needed a real food mill. It was made in China. It came with instructions.


As I am a Disabled American (meaning my MacBookPro don’t work and I’m forced to blogging on a PC), I cannot scan this, nor can I take a picture of it and upload the pic so I’ll just have to type out the words on this retarded keyboard.

781-1500 S/S Food Mill Use & Care Instructions:

1. Before the first Use: Wash with soapy water before the first use. Put them on an inverted position on clean surface to dry it naturally.

7. Store the whole set in kitchen cabinet when not in use.

In my day to day life, I utter more cuss words than I do here at the blog. But you know what? Fuck you. I’m storing you on the counter top. Take that. I get that living in China might make you ignorant of the concepts of singular and plural, but at the end of the day… . No. I do not get it.

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