“Birdieable”: Is that a word?

It is if it’s almost 9pm Central on Fathers’ Day and your eye glasses were eaten by your dog last night and your computer’s RAM needs to be reseated and you are typing on the computer that you & Kat’s  Adult Male Role Model really really hate and you’ve had to re-light the Den because the concept of keyboard backlighting is apparently foreign to Bill Gates’ team.



Aside from the glasses episode, and the frog which I assume is alive or dead, and Rocky’s ever increasing sense of autonomy, it was a good weekend.
Everyone checked in with Mr. Big Food. Miss M. left a memorable message. Daughter C. ventured to Oxford, Mississippi yesterday and brought us back a great book from Square Books. Kat sent the classic card. Mr. Big Food grilled himself a good Adult Male Role Model dinner. And someone needs a birdie to tie. 

Good Lord.

Happy Fathers’ Day to Mr Big Food’s Dad and to Mr. Big Food’s Uncle. And to my brother, Mikey. It can’t be easy being a Dad these days. Thank you.