Dogs are interesting.

Have you noticed that nothing works anymore? Nothing hasn’t worked for a very long time. I can’t tell you what number can opener we’re on. Mr. Big Food is lobbying for an electric canopener. I am lobbying against, at least until we can find a reliable handheld. Ensure backup first.

Swiss Army knife?

What does seem to be working is DNA. 
Missy needs to go out. She’s getting urgent. She’s communicating. How does all of that happen? Missy & Rocky aren’t so very different from you & I. I’ve been watching them and if they had opposable thumbs, … .


Last weekend, Missy stole a hot pork chop off the counter. I pulled most of it out of her throat. I wanted stealing the porkchop to be an unpleasant experience. 

Poor Rocky. See. Right now she’s pulling up the threads on a throw rug and he is trying to tell her to STOP. 

Now they are fighting. 

And then I had them on the verge of total control and then they heard Daughter C. come in the front door. Wild Animals. And so Daughter C. showed them who’s boss.