UPDATED with proper spelling of Kartoffel Suppe: The Mississippi Delta

is an interesting place. We had the opportunity to travel to Greenwood, Mississippi this afternoon. I wrote a bit about Greenwood, home of Viking, here. I’ll share photos as soon as my RAM is reseated. I have photos of some antebellum churches in Carrolton, Mississippi, also.

Back on the Farm later in the day, we baked two loaves of zucchini bread, put up (processed and froze) 162 ounces– over 10 pounds– of summer squash, and made kartoffel (sp?) soup Kartoffel SuppeKartoffel Suppe [thanks, suek!] with wieners mit Wurst [thanks, again!]. I  fixed us a lettuce-New Zealand spinach-baby round zucchini salad which we dressed with homemade egg dressing, and Mr. Big Food heated up some frozen rolls. I took some pictures.

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    1. Dang. I knew this. I can actually speak enough German to get by. Where’s the bathroom? How much does it cost? One beer, please. Two coffees, one with milk. I can’t *write* it, but I can say it!

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