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  1. Ok…looks like a meringue pie. Definitely not lemon, though. Maybe pudding of some type? butterscotch?

    Looks good, though.

    Company? that’s a lot for two!

  2. I just had a slice with a cup of iced coffee. It is awesome! Butterscotch. Home made of course, not pudding. I was disappointed, though. I’m in charge of meringue and I usually do better at making it pretty. Oh well. And yes. Just the two of us. Morning snacks for four days.

  3. Pudding can be home made…or do you define “pudding” as being out of a box?

    I’ve never tried butterscotch from scratch, but have made lots of chocolate. Cornstarch pudding recipe per “Joy of Cooking” – one of the crappy old cookbooks that you probably have.(I can’t do the cross out thing!). We did lots of chocolate pudding because we had goats. Even with 4 boys, sometimes we had too much, and the milk got a bit goaty after 3 days…so chocolate pudding was the solution. Chocolate covers most flavors – or so I was told. Apparently, the ice cream manufacturers experiment with different flavors. If one is judged to be a failure, it gets re-flavored with chocolate. So I used it for goaty milk. Worked fine. What the boys didn’t finish in glasses, they finished in bowls!

    However…I know she also had butterscotch in there – I just never used it.

    “Morning snacks for four days”… so it has to be refrigerated, right? In your weather, it would have to be. At this point, our weather is exceptionally cool. No refrigeration necessary. Well. Refrigerated would be better – but not critical. On the other hand, out of sight, out of mind is good! Out on the table it might not last 4 days!

    1. I misspoke. The best pudding is made from scratch, not a box. Although box is okay in a pinch. But this butterscotch was made from scratch and easy. I’ll be interested in your comments on the recipe– not from “Joy.”

      Yeah. We refrigerate pretty much everything in the summer. I keep the a/c at about 80-82– fans help. My rule of thumb is that the house doesn’t need to be more than 20 degrees cooler than outside in the heat of the summer. Which is why I open the windows when it’s 69 at night.

      The biggest problem, as we like to say, is not the heat. It’s the humidity. Fungi. I keep a small bowl of fresh scraps– cucumber peels, squash tops, spinach stems– for the compost bin next to the sink. If I don’t empty it every day, it’s a bowl of fungus.

  4. Heh. One of the first differences I noticed when we moved to California was that bread left out didn’t mold – it just dried out. Quickly. Of course bread in a plastic wrapper still molds, but if you just take it out of the bag, boom! ingredients for chocolate chip pudding! (which is nothing but bread pudding with chocolate chips – lots! – added)

    Sounds like you could use a chicken or two. Our local veggie stand used to have their old stuff outside for some sort of trash pickup. I was allowed to pick up what I wanted for the chickens. They practically attacked me to get them! especially the old tomatoes. Leafy stuff too, but not till they finished the tomatoes. Then some cagey farmer arranged to pick up everything for his livestock – of whatever kind – and my freebies disappeared. Every now and then I have stuff, but it has to be timed right or it just doesn’t happen…an organization thing.

    I explored a particular kind of fly/wasp a couple of years ago with the idea in mind of having a beneficial garbage disposer/compost producer in my back yard. It looked very interesting, but you have to buy a special kind of container to make it work. Interesting creature though. I’ll try to find my links and post them…just so you can have something more to consider!

  5. This is interesting. For some unknown reason, I have a hard time keeping my compost hot. And it’s frequently got larvae in it. Never been able to figure it out until now. Thanks!

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