Long story short

I do not like not snot nosed little girls who think they are smarter that I, and I will not support the over-priced eye-glass monopoly in Starkvegas. It was a simple question about my insurance plan. I can do math in my head, hon. 🙂 And so, we went to Lens Crafters in Tupelo– at THE MALL– today. We did not realize today was the start of TAX FREE weekend.

You get a 7% discount. Whoo freaking hoo.

I hate shopping. And I really hate MALLS.

We thought we had an hour to kill while the 1 hour lab was doin’ its one hour thing. (Turned out to be more like 3.) So I got a Chick-Fil-A sandwich and we wandered around. It was not fun. We decided that the least painful thing to do was go to the the Barnes & Noble.

There was a display of the local schools’ summer reading lists.

Mr. Big Food found the second season of SNL.

That’s what we did when we finally got back to the farm, watched old SNL. Funny stuff until you think about it.

More later after my attitude adjustment.