VHPA / For somone my age, it wasn’t all *that* long ago

The Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association is holding its 2012 reunion at the hotel in which we are staying. Some first thoughts after a few hours of lobby/elevator/(rarely) street interaction.

These are some old guys. Some look older than others.

It is low budget. See the screen shot from VHPA’s web site page about the reunion– that little white box really doesn’t load. Almost all of the signs to sign in, reconnect, etc. are hand written. (I wasn’t comfortable taking pictures today. Maybe tomorrow.) It’s August in NOLA. Cheaper hotel rates. 
I saw a number of kids– grandkids, I presume. Not a lot. But enough to notice. It looked like some were on holiday that just happened to coincide with Grandpa’s reunion but in one instance, I saw a Grandpa introduce a Grandboy to another Old Guy. The Boy and the Old Guy shook hands and then all three were off to talk war stories. I guess.
Both the Pilots and their spouses have very nice name tags– as hang tags around their necks– printed with their first names in very LARGE LETTERS. Can’t miss ’em if you try. 
I’ll pay more attention to this tomorrow but it looks like a number of the former pilots sport metals on their caps.