Homeward Bound

George Harrison & Paul Simon. Saturday Night Season 2, Episode 8 (the Thanksgiving episode)
Paul Simon hosted; George Harrison was Simon’s musical guest. Chevy Chase was– thankfully– already gone. Jane Curtain was hitting her stride anchoring Weekend Update. Belushi was riotously funny as Kissinger. Gilda Radner as Baba Wawa interviewing Kissinger… . Good stuff. And let’s not forget Dan Aykroyd as Carter. He’s Canadian. Aykroyd. Not Carter.
We are working our way through Season 2. It didn’t begin well.


 Joe Cocker’s drugged drunken gyrations were only salvaged by Belushi’s drugged drunken imitations of Cocker’s drugged drunken gyrations (Episode 3 hosted by Eric Idle). 

What’s notable is that no one/thing– no candidate, no ideology, no claim to Truth, Justice & The American Way–  was immune from being mocked. 
Belushi was funny poking fun at Kissinger. Aykroyd was funny poking fun at Carter.  
Homeward Bound” is a sappy little song with a slow beat that makes you want to sway to the music. As many did.