I Need Help

I don’t like asking for help.
But I really can not reach the okra.

And there’s okra up there.

So I asked Mr. Big Food if he would help, and he agreed.
Okra is easy to grow. 

4 Responses

  1. I don’t know how to cook with okra. Sorry – that’s just the way it is. If you want the long version, I can provide it – but probably just the basic fact is enough.

    We did plant okra one year, though (another long story). It grew and I thought it flourished – but no where _near_ what you have! I had no idea they could get that big! Ours made it to about 2-3 feet – and I thought that was pretty good. Now I can see that in fact they were pretty puny. Probably just as well…we didn’t use them. Good intentions, no action.

  2. Well, these are exceptionally tall– and there’s an explanation for that. Given the position (aspect?) of the structure they are up against 1) it gets really hot and 2) come 3 or 4pm they are in the shade, so that’s why they are so lanky.

    But boy! have they produced.

    Cooking okra is tricky, which is why so many people don’t like it. But remember one thing: GUMBO.

  3. Looking at that photo again…I hadn’t noticed at first what a difference there is between the plant on the left edge of the building and the on on the right side.

    Interesting. No doubt some reason for it…longer sun exposure? more water for some reason? cooler – or warmer – root area? Always interesting to speculate!

    1. It was interesting to see how this played out. The wall, against which the okra are planted, faces due east. Consequently, the okra on the north are in the shadow of the building before those on the left side. Also, during the height of the summer, the ones on the south will be in shade, and then sun again.

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