Mr. Big Food and I worked together for about three hours making Christmas Presents pickles.

Mr. Big Food is balancing the checkbook right now. As soon as he’s reconciled things done doing Math in his Head– I’ll ask about the names of the Christmas Presents pickles.

Don’t you think everyone should do math in his head? [Instapundit had a link to something about the gentrification of English. I didn’t look… ] Wait…

He’s off.


There’s almost all of it! He’s only a dime off now.

These are some of the reasons I love Mr. Big Food. He likes math. And Logic. And Probability. And Crappy Old Stuff.  And Good Food. What are the chances of us finding each other?

& both of us willing to  put up with Missy.

He can’t find a dime.

The names of the pickles are:

Hot Pickled Okra

Pickled Pepperoncini

Pickled Jalapenos