On top of everything else

we have to go to stupid Memphis today. Upside? Tops BBQ for lunch. 

Off to fire up the generator– I hope. Meanwhile, some thoughts from this morning’s stroll around the World Wide Web.

The Anchoress wonders

So, let me ask you, readers — do you also “expect the crowd in power to destroy everything”? Are you arming yourselves, stocking up on food and buying generators? Or do you think everything is going to be fine, and we all need to take a breath?
Or are you, like me, just a tad wary but still hoping that the nation can pull itself together?

Steyn at NRO

No dictator will ever need to declare martial law in America. All he’ll need to do is issue a “severe weather advisory” and everyone will stay indoors until they’re told it’s safe to come out.

Marshall Ramsey has a fun hurricane survival list

13. A Sense of Humor: If you can’t laugh at a time like this, you have bigger problems than a hurricane in the Gulf.