I Had Doubts

Assembled Taco Peppers
Taco Peppers, ready to eat

I don’t like super-duper prepared food. This is, apparently, widely known. When I apologized for serving last weekend’s guests’ children homemade egg salad on “store bought” biscuits (“Grands” which you do have to bake), my guest laughed.The thought of us eating Grands biscuits is laughable.

So when Mr. Big Food described Taco Peppers to me, I had doubts. Wolfe’s chili. Tamales from a can. WTF? 

It was awesome!

If you are on the journey from eating supper out, to eating supper in, to doing some of it yourself… THIS is a great transition recipe. The peppers were home grown– everybody can grow peppers– but the rest of the ingredients are cheap cans of things.