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“Did you ever…?”

"Did you ever...?"

Humble wife at Double Nickle Farm has a nice post up this morning. “Did you ever see something that takes your breath away?   and then you realize you are blessed to see it every day!”



Apparently, many citizens people don’t agree and would be happy for me to spoon feed their children– and themselves– until death. Well, guess what? And yes. I am in a foul mood today. I didn’t get my morning walk.

I got nothing

on why that last post was screwy and I can’t even get it to revert to draft. UPDATE: Deleted. Musings on the dogs’ behaviors later.

Things You May Not Hear at Your House

Mr. Big Food, “Don’t we need to put this lard in the fridge?” Me, “Yeah, but it’s o.k., it hasn’t been opened yet.”