Mr. Big Food & I have come to an agreement. UPDATED

This will be the last Picklin’ Day of the Season. (I hope.)

Updates & photos to follow shortly. I’m on a break while the brine is brining.

Being called.


We did five pints of Pickled Pepperoncini Peppers II, three pints of Pickled Jalapenos, and two pints of Pickled Jalapenos + Okra.


The okra by the front door had gotten so tall I couldn’t reach it to pick it. Fortunately, the rains earlier this week knocked it down, and I was able to harvest some small– edible–okra. One last hurrah for pickled okra. The not-woody rest will be fritters. One last hurrah for okra fritters.

I don’t know about you, but I am seriously ready for Fall. Don’t get me wrong, I love Summer. But November 6th can’t come come soon enough for me. I will begin planning my 2013 garden on November 7th.