Common Courtesy

A couple of weeks ago, we had company– a couple we knew from our former lives.

Last weekend, we had company– a couple we’d never met but wanted to get to know.

The couple from a couple of weeks ago makes more than an order of magnitude more than last weekend’s couple. 

Today, a package of homemade cookies from last weekend’s guests arrived.

Still no email of thanks from the couple from a couple of weeks ago.

We don’t entertain to be thanked. But still… .

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  1. Well then. I suppose couple #2 can kiss their next visit goodbye. It is sad but true that most people have no sense of simple niceties and common courtesy. They must not have had you for a mother.

  2. yeah…but … “Out of sight, out of mind”. If it’s been a couple of weeks … it’s already evaporated into the fuzzy gray past…

  3. Hmmmm. Comment made from my work computer is probably in spam folder again. Not a big deal – but odd. The other one that got “spammed” was made from my work computer, I think.

    So…why? Computers are _so_ annoying!! or maybe it’s the whole internet thing…”can’t live with them, can’t live without them”…

  4. Barely!

    I’ll continue to wonder why posts from the work computer go into spam, though, and posts from home (I usually post from home, but occasionally time allows fooling around at work) show up with no problem. Probably one of life’s mysteries that I’ll never solve…

    Oh well.

    1. *One* of life’s mysteries you’ll never solve. Does that imply that you will solve / have solved others? Because if so, … I’m honored to know you, albeit via my computer.


  5. Sure…every now and then a mystery of life gets solved. The problem is that for every one that _does_ get solved, there are about 10 more to take it’s place!

    At home, my computer is in the back room. After much effort and two signal boosters/wireless receivers (first one didn’t work very well – wrong type of signal receivers) it works just fine.

    There’s a phone in the room there – wired, but with a wireless handset. I’ve recently realized that when I either answer the phone or dial out with the handset, it interrupts my computer wireless reception. I know when it occurs, because I have K-Mozart running in the background (another mystery – the speakers project sound when they’re turned off, but it seems the batteries are dead, and they don’t work when I turn them on!). The wireless connection gets broken and has to re-establish. I don’t understand why – I just know that’s what’s happening. It doesn’t break the connection if the phone rings and I pick up on a different handset. Another mystery.

  6. “Sure…every now and then a mystery of life gets solved. The problem is that for every one that _does_ get solved, there are about 10 more to take it’s place!”

    You can say that again!

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