Fast Forward

and you’ll find us all in the Den, resting comfortably. Well, most of us. Missy missed most of the excitement of the day and still has some residual energy. Poor Missy.

Here’s The Story. It was Game Day. But there was no Official Tail Gate. So Mr. Big Food & I both planned ahead. Mr. Big Food made some homemade salami (a four-day process) and baked some bread and made a nice little bean salad, and we bought some Camembert cheese and some decent beer at K-Roger on Friday.  I took the dogs on a Big Run in the pasture this morning to really wear them out so they wouldn’t mind being cooped up (haha) while we were at the game.

The plan was for us to park at Daughter C’s new place in Starkvegas– hang out and then head to the game. And then she called and asked us to bring Rocky.

Rocky naps while Matt & Mr. Big Food enjoy a cigar.
Rocky is awakened by Pushkin.

All went according to the revised plan. Matt drove us onto campus– Thank You!– and we took what was left of our decent beer, and our salami & little salad, et cetera and left Rocky with Daughter C & friends to be reunited after the game.

And then I looked up and saw

Rocky! On Campus! I hollered and he heard me!!

So we had a few more family minutes with Rocky, Daughter C and her friend and then they were off.

We left at 1/2 time. C picked us up at the Chevron and drove us back to our truck which was parked at her house. Rocky didn’t utter a sound all the way home. And then dead-tired Rocky had to deal with cooped up Missy. 

But as I said, we are now all in the den. LSU won. MSU won. And would that that would be all that mattered, life would be very BIG. 

By the way– we’re on our way to Cincy. With C in tow. 

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