Dog Questions

We have a routine. By 9 we’re settled in.

Should the house/dog/cat sitters follow our routine? Or establish one of their own?

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  1. Yesterday, I asked “how long will the “sitting” last?”

    Apparently I’m back in the spam folder again. This one was from home…



  2. 4 days. Not long enough to change schedules. The sitters should stay on _your_ schedule.

    But if they can’t, it probably won’t really matter!

  3. Wow. Funny stuff going on! Yesterday’s response didn’t go through either!


    Got an email that said a blog response bounced due to an overfilled box. Whose? I have no idea(no detail). Spam? Don’t know. If this one bounces, I’ll have a better idea.

    You’ll be back before this settles, I’m thinking, and my response won’t matter anyway!

    Your dog sitter is probably going to put the dogs on his/her schedule anyway – we people tend to do that!

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