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Let’s Eat

I have been delinquent in posting recipes. We’ve had some delightful food lately. I especially liked “Delightful Chicken.” It’s a keeper. The dressing for the 3-bean salad–and the salad itself– was off the hook. Mr. Big Food pulled it out of the fridge and we nibbled on it as he made tonight’s supper of homemade

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“Next time we take the dogs on a walk

"Next time we take the dogs on a walk

let’s leave the dogs at home.” Constructive thought from Miss M. Man. Talk about not minding your manners… ! I appreciate that the woods must be an olfactory smorgasbord for them, and that they are not perfect. But even by their standards they were misbehaved– wild & crazy, even. I blame the moon. October 2012

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Unfortunately right now our culture seems interested in finding out whatever we can, instead of using discretion about what’s relevant and what’s not, and instead of thinking about whether the enormous pain we are about to inflict on the individuals involved (including innocent family members) is really worth it. Politicians are not the Kardashians. Their

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I understand– and am sympathetic– when one of my “written by a person with a life” go-to blogs  goes silent for a while. Hope you do–are–too!

“Farming in Flip-Flops”

"Farming in Flip-Flops"

That’s what Miss M. says she’s going to call her blog! Sorry. The photo seems a bit out of focus but I don’t have time to play with it– I’m we’re cleaning up the patio gardens.