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YOU’RE SO COLD — YOU MUST BE A LIBERTARIAN:  Recent research has unearthed some fascinating associations between psychological traits and ideological/political inclination.  A personality survey study of over 12,000 self-identified libertarians revealed the following:

[W]hen libertarians reacted to moral dilemmas and in other tests, they displayed less emotion, less empathy and less disgust than either conservatives or liberals. They appeared to use “cold” calculation to reach utilitarian conclusions about whether (for instance) to save lives by sacrificing fewer lives. They reached correct, rather than intuitive, answers to math and logic problems, and they enjoyed “effortful and thoughtful cognitive tasks” more than others do.

The researchers found that libertarians had the most “masculine” psychological profile, while liberals had the most feminine, and these results held up even when they examined each gender separately, which “may explain why libertarianism appeals to men more than women.”

All Americans value liberty, but libertarians seem to value it more.

Guess we knew that last part.  But now you libertarian guys have official bragging rights to being more “masculine” than your conservative or liberal counterparts.  As for us female libertarians, I don’t know about you, but I suddenly feel a need to freshen up my lipstick!  🙂

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Good Lord! Neither Mr. Big Food nor I is a Utilitarian.