Veggie Night: It’s Good to be Back on the Farm

Photos not up to snuff. Deal with it. Sorry.

El Paso Bean Bake

Pepper Casserole

Delicious. I especially liked El Paso Bean Bake. It’s layered.

In other news, Daughter C, who came back to the Farm tonight to collect her Fall/Winter wardrobe, reports that M&D– our dog/house/cat sitter cigar sharing good friends– reported to her that the dogs were “depressed” in our absence. Apparently, Rocky just hung out on the couch watching football, and Missy passed away the time reading crappy old Romance novels.

Most of Psychology– doggie & otherwise– is drivel.

At 11am this morning, I turned on The Dog Whisperer. He was doing aromatherapy on a scardycat dog. That’s fine. Whatever works… .

Apparently, it rained here all weekend and it did rain all day today. Tomorrow those dogs are going to the Pasture. It’s time for some doggie behavior.


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  1. Looks good! Got your email, I’ll look at it, thank you. Got the flash to stay on but when I zoom now it gets blury. I’m just camera impared.

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