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“The Power of the Media”

was a speech Lyndon B. Johnson delivered in Chicago to the National Association of Broadcasters the morning after after he withdrew from the 1968 Presidential race. According to Richard D. Heffner, editor of A Documentary History of the United States, 7th ed., [Johnson’s] speech on the role of new electronic media in American life and

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Veggie Night: It’s Good to be Back on the Farm

Veggie Night: It's Good to be Back on the Farm

Photos not up to snuff. Deal with it. Sorry. El Paso Bean Bake Pepper Casserole Delicious. I especially liked El Paso Bean Bake. It’s layered. In other news, Daughter C, who came back to the Farm tonight to collect her Fall/Winter wardrobe, reports that M&D– our dog/house/cat sitter cigar sharing good friends– reported to her

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To be clear

via Instapundit: YOU’RE SO COLD — YOU MUST BE A LIBERTARIAN:  Recent research has unearthed some fascinating associations between psychological traits and ideological/political inclination.  A personality survey study of over 12,000 self-identified libertarians revealed the following: [W]hen libertarians reacted to moral dilemmas and in other tests, they displayed less emotion, less empathy and less disgust

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