Grappling with the Situation

They had some trouble with it. They grappled. They tried to figure it out. And in the end, they did.

They couldn’t find one, so they made one.

As best as I can recollect, the short conversation went like this:

Mr. Big Food’s Uncle (MBFU): Do you have duct tape?

Me: Um, yeah. What kind of farm doesn’t have duct tape?

MBFU: Not sure. Maybe the kind that doesn’t have a grappling hook.

Fair point.

MBFU: What are these?

Me: They are the stakes to my cozy clotches … hell, use them.

And then MBFU & Mr. Big Food’s Dad wandered to the Lake.

And the next thing we knew, they had used the homemade grappling hook to pull up three expensive rods & reels and one cheap jon boat towel out of the lake. The tackle box is turtle food. Who Knew?

American ingenuity
I gotta make that NO SWIMMING sign bigger.

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