Taps on the Extended Drill Field

I saw two things happening on the Drill Field in front of McCain* today.

1:  a bunch of young men engaged in the wholesome activity of tossing around a football
As many campuses are, the main common interior grassy area of State’s campus, because it’s transected by walkways, is large enough to accommodate many activities. Here, a bunch of young men have claimed a polygon of The Drill Field.

2: a pre-Veterans Day Memorial
Another polygon was claimed by some ROTC folks and other assorted flag wavers.

Several people walked out of McCain and were lingering, as I was. When Taps started– and although we could barely hear it– we ceased conversation and turned in the direction of the flag. 
(The Bartman said quietly to me, “Taps on the Drill Field,” so I just shut up.)

And the football just kept being tossed about as if 

Day is done
Gone the Sun

meant only that there were few catches left in the day and it shouldn’t squander its time thinking of those who had caught their last ball.
How’s that for some extended cognition? 

* If I were clever, … .