My response to Daughter C’s response to my email discussing the menu responsibilities for Thanksgiving dinner (we provide turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, pies and maybe cranberries; Miss M does a vegan version of green bean casserole; others are asked to contribute):

And as always, let folks know that if the tryptophan & wine are just too much (think Seinfeld), they can overnight here at the Farm. 

Right now, we’re planning on just shy of a dozen– but there may be more Thanksgiving Orphans out there. We just don’t know.

On a related note– thanks to a brief conversation with Kat while at the Whole Foods in Memphis– I SCORED! A vegan ‘Field Roast’– whatever that is & not that there’s anything wrong with that– that Miss M. loves. Whew. 

More on Whole Foods later. Now I am off to help Mr. Big Food prepare entrant #1 in this year’s Fall Winter Soup Contest. This is a Big You-Know-Whatin’-Deal.